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Giving Back 

Giving Back to The Planet

To be sustainable The Little Planet Protection Company must make a profit since for re-investment and stability, this is a basic critical requirement for any healthy service provider. The Little Planet Protection Company will remain committed to giving back to the environment and will be positively influence water and air and will be supporting Just One Tree where £1 simply plants one tree (www.justonetree.life).

Believe it or not every gallon of fuel burnt generates around 20lbs of CO2. This is due to the released carbon combining with oxygen atoms to form the CO2 molecule and the resulting atomic weight (https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/contentIncludes/co2_inc.htm) and every tree planted will capture around 48lbs of CO2 for every year of its life.

We will not only donate out of company profits to Just One Tree we are also be giving back to the planet with every Oil Separator inspection service.

We will, with your support, plant X2 trees for every Oil Separator inspection service. X1 tree to balance out our activities and X1 tree given back to the planet.

The great news is that the trees will then keep capturing CO2 year after year and remember we are going to do this for every service attendance.

For the future we have a target objective to move to electric vehicles once company finance and suitably available products enable us and to further reduce our carbon impacts.

Giving Back to Society

We all have our life journey challenges and one of the hardest is the death of a parent. My Mum, Janet, was an unfortunate victim of mouth and throat cancer. She went through numerous extensive operations that I wouldn’t want to describe and while she received the very best of the NHS from men and women whose talent and compassion I can’t praise highly enough, the cancer was relentless and she was ultimately beyond their help.

Always brave and never moaning Mum stoically turned her will to face the end of her life. This was a deeply difficult time as she was stranded in a hospital ward and too ill to be moved. Eventually right near the end we were able to get her transferred to Mary Steven’s Hospice in Stourbridge, ironically the place I was born. In the darkness of that time and for the shortest duration, Mum was surrounded by the most beautiful peace and love and was able to give up her fight that same night. My Mum Janet Mary Siviter died peacefully on May 17th 2017 in the perfect care of loving strangers.

I remain deeply touched by the most beautiful and caring humanity I have ever witnessed and I am sure that these acts of perfect love are repeated daily in Hospices all over the country.

In remembrance of my Mum and as an expression of thanks to all Hospices The Little Planet Protection Company Separator Service will be provided free of charge to any Hospice within 50 miles of our location in Astwood Bank, Redditch. My hope would be to eventually extend this offer throughout the UK.

If you know of any Hospice that would benefit from this service please send their details to me.

We believe that a lot of a little all adds up for a cleaner world and a healthier bank balance.