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Oil separator maintenance & servicing

a new approach to oil separator services

At the Little Planet Protect Company we aim to protect water, air and resources by enabling our clients to take small steps every day. Our new approach to oil separator services (interceptors) is ideal for low to medium risk surface water separators and can help your business contribute to reducing air pollution as well as protecting and preserving water.
Separator service and maintenance is an area heavily subject to historic maintenance processes. Our experience shows a false belief has evolved that has resulted in HGV tankers to regularly visiting sites, emptying and replacing the water in separators, in what is often referred to as a “Milk Round”. Put simply this cleaning process is undertaken daily across the UK without measurement or checks. This historic process supports a huge service industry sector driven by the need to maintain the status quo. The problem is this model is commercially detrimental to your pocket whilst also having a negative impact on the environment.

Our approach challenges this by offering a more cost effective and environmentally sound alternative.

about our service

To comply with your Environmental ISO 14001 requirements and in compliance with Standard BS EN 858-2:2003 and PPG3 maintenance guidance oil separator maintenance should take place at least every 6 months or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Our oil separator service will meet your compliance requirements for low and medium risk installations. The structured inspections and logged site audit measure and monitor the installation(s) to meet environmental compliance for oil separators without the unnecessary environmental impacts and cost.

We do this by;

  • Physically inspecting the integrity of the separator and all mechanical parts, if fitted
  • Assessing and recording the depth of accumulated oil and silt and referencing holding levels
  • Service checking equipment such as alarms
  • Checking the condition of any coalescing device and arranging planned replacement If necessary
  • Importantly, producing a detailed site record log of the separator inspections and maintenance including when they are emptied and serviced. We will work with you to record specific events relating to the separator system such as cleaning, repairs, accidents and incidents
  • Plotting trends from recordings and using data to monitor site discharge profiles through the separator. Changing trends are useful site indicators that can identify potentially polluting issues
  • Installing and managing absorbent pillow(s) that capture floatable oils. The pillow is simply replaced as required. This simple addition also reduces the potential contamination while cost effectively removing any captured oil.
To discuss your requirements and find out if our service would suit your site please contact us.

We believe that a lot of a little all adds up for a cleaner world and a healthier bank balance.