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About Us

Who are The Little Planet Protection Company?

We are an oil separator (interceptor) service provider that believes it’s possible to provide effective separation services that are cost effective whilst protecting our environment. We strive to protect water, air and resources by taking – and helping our customers take – small steps every single day.
We reduce air pollution, protect and preserve water through a compliant and cost saving inspection and maintenance service to low and medium risk surface-water oil separators.
We enable our clients to remain fully environmentally compliant whilst upholding our key values of;
We believe that a lot of a little all adds up for a cleaner world and a healthier bank balance.

Barry Westwood

I am an environmentalist (IEMA-Practitioner) who has been actively involved in all aspects of site drainage for over 25 years working across all sectors.
I have both owned and managed Environmental Service Companies that provided a comprehensive range of drain services. I have also worked in senior positions for stormwater device manufacturers, separator alarm manufacturers, spill absorbent and spill control producers and consultancy services. My experience embraces working knowledge of Pollution Prevention, SuDS schemes, Spill and Fire Water Containment through to Highways Drainage Mapping and comprehensive connectivity surveys.

When it comes to drainage, you could say I’ve served my time!

I founded The Little Planet Protection Company to deliver services and products that protect natural resources, eliminate/reduce negative environmental impacts and wherever possible, save money.
We live in changing times as our awareness of environmental damage and consequences enters our life realities. We are all now aware of our moral responsibilities and quite rightly, are re-evaluating our relationship with the Planet.
Oil separators could be considered insignificant when compared to the wider global challenges. But they are a small part of a much bigger picture. Much like the well publicised plastic bag! I believe that The Little Planet Protection Company is an area where we can, with your support, make a positive difference to the planet.
So what’s not to like? Join me and benefit the planet and your pocket.

We believe that a lot of a little all adds up for a cleaner world and a healthier bank balance.