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A cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for managing surface and

foul water discharge from domestic and commercial premises, that gives you managed

evidence of compliance, service regularity and peace of mind. Help protect our valuable

natural resources by choosing a service that works with nature, not against it.

Planet and Pocket Positive
At the Little Planet Protection Company, we aim to protect water, air and resources by enabling and influencing our clients to take intelligent steps in managing compliance and control of their drain and sewer asset. 

We are engaged directly by Kingspan (Klargester) where we can reduce Oil Separator inspection from 6-monthly to 12-monthly. We provide commissioning and servicing directly for Hydro International to their Biofilters and we also work with other commercial companies for Oil Separator commissioning and other compliance management.

Our Septic Tank assessments cover Worcester, Hereford, Gloucester, Shropshire and all surrounding counties where we support estate agents and homeowners to assess and evidence compliance to the General Binding Rules, to meet these requirements and facilitate property sales.  

We continue to engage in thought leadership and are currently working with manufacturers to introduce products that are planet and pocket positive.   

The benefits of working with us
Protect your budget by choosing an oil separator service that’s been consciously designed to be cost effective as well kind to our environment.
Protect the climate by significantly reducing carbon footprint and its consequences through removal of non-essential HGV vehicle movement and reduced miles travelled.
Protect the air by significantly reducing pollutant emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM). Compared to a laden HGV tanker we typically will use 90% less fuel on a mile by mile measure.
Protect drinking water resources by eliminating drinking water waste as this is used in re-filling separators following their emptying by tanker companies.
Protect water courses by ensuring that your Separator is operational as intended. Our service inspection process checks functional efficiency and asset integrity ensuring there is no design associated failure and pollution.
Protect marine life by using oil absorbent pillows that reduce potential oil degradation issues and prevent cross contamination risk to water courses and marine life. The absorbent pillows we use can also potentially eliminate the need for any Separator hazardous waste removal and the associated costs and impacts.

We believe that a lot of a little all adds up for a cleaner world and a healthier bank balance.